• Fan assisted – the fan sucks out the burnt gas for clearer combustion, therefore increases the energy output of the burners resulting in much lighter gas consumption.
  • This unit requires 220V / 50Hz of Electricity
  • Electric Impulse ignition, ensures stable and fast ignition.
  • LCD Display mounted on the front cover for easy setting of the required water temperature.  Temperatures can be adjusted between 35 – 65°C
  • Automatic Fault Function – displaying of error codes on the LCD display.
  • Comes complete with the stainless steel flue and bend.
  • Flame out protection: In the event of an accidental shutdown of the unit, the gas supply will automatically cut off to ensure no leakage.
  • Timing protection: The unit will automatically switch off after 40 minutes of continuous use.
  • Fan Forced Units works much better with mixer taps

Typhoon Forced Fan Gas Geyser 16L

R7 950,00Price